Brushstrokes to Sponges

by Richard J Warburg


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Richard Warburg has no formal education in painting or art. He does have various advanced degrees, but these all relate to the other side of his brain, particularly the one in law. Many people will assume that that makes him dead to the creative world. The collection in this book shows that this is not so. In fact it demonstrates that even a scientist can access the far side of the brain to outstanding effect. Richard is self taught. He has never taken lessons in how to hold a brush, how to mix paint or how to do anything related to art. What started his painting career was that he began to dream about images, and these dreams were vivid and persistent. He also felt the urge to try to paint, to hold a brush and feel the flow of the paint on canvas. Richard began painting one bright afternoon, while in his kitchen in Maui. He had a 16x20 inch canvas, an easel, a brush and some tubes of acrylic paint, some of which he squeezed onto wax paper. He then grabbed hold of the brush and the moment he touched put brush to paint the image developed as if by magic. Richard has never looked back, and the many images reproduced in this book will give an idea of the scope of his work. Of course they are two-dimensional images, while the actual art is three dimensional, but this book does give an indication of the scope of Richard’s work. Enjoy!



Snack Yourself Slim

by Richard J Warburg & Tessa Lorant


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Want to lose those last few pounds, or many more, without counting Calories or feeling hungry?

  • Eat any foods you like
  • Eat so you’re never hungry
  • Eat all the time
Finally, here’s a non-diet book which gives you the freedom to eat while losing weight as well as waist.
This gentle, easy-to-follow guide will show you how to change to a lifestyle that will make you slim, happy, healthy and long-lived.

A percentage of profit will go to charity to help education on diabetes and related diseases or conditions.



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It’s 2142 and Britain, renamed Chriland, is run by women. This is a peaceful world, ordered and crime-free. There are males, certainly, but they are shut away in semenaries for their sperm while neutered manikins are sexual pets for Chriland’s elite women.

It is Fra’s world, and she’s very happy in it until Triss, an escaped male, breaks into her home. With her raw sexual instincts aroused Fra finds herself both physically and emotionally attracted to this hunky male.

But can their love and life among the ‘primmies’ – a small community of dissidents living outside the tranquil world of women and run by men – survive?

The story’s climax, dramatic and unexpected, makes A WOMAN’S WORLD a stirring fable for our time.



Working to Improve Lives

An Illustrated BIOTECH Encyclopedia

by JD Ball & Richard Warburg


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The Secrets of the Biotech Industry from the Industry Leaders


Taking you deep within the world of biotechnology, this book reveals why many life-saving drugs don’t make it to market---and how San Diego, known for Sea World and surfing, became the center of the biotech world. Leaders in the field reveal the secrets to breaking into biotech, the jobs available today, and what the future holds for the life sciences.

Biotechnology is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry that influences every aspect of our lives. The authors provide an exciting, accessible insider’s guide to this rapidly changing and innovative field.

Part of the profit from sales will be applied toward charitable associations committed to education of children in the sciences, and particularly in biotechnology

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